• Easy-PC Latest Update

Easy-PC Latest Update

  • $147.00

Schematic and PCB Software


Version 23

Version 23 Features

  • Selection Masks

  • Component Rules

  • No Connect Pins

  • New Design Wizards (SCM and PCB)

  • Intelligent Gerber Import Improvements

  • Plus over 25 additional features 

Upgrading to Version 23

Contact us with your requirements and we can get you working with Easy-PC 23 today. If you would prefer to have a quick look before you buy, you can download the Easy-PC 23 trial version using this link. 

Selection Mask

Selection Mask

V23 provides you with new toolbar buttons that introduce instant selection masks for use in your design. With the four buttons available, different categories can be used. Choose from Component, Routing, Shapes and Text.

Faster Productivity

By using the selection mask, you can operate much faster; each mask will automatically deselect the items within that mask making them not pickable. Each category masks 'groups' of items; Components masks silkscreen shapes, component areas and component pads but not component names. Likewise, Routing means tracks and vias. Shapes means all shape types including copper and areas. Text will mask all text items and includes Values.

Toolbar and Shortcut Keys

As well as having the selection masks available on your main toolbar, you can also assign them to shortcut keys making them even more accessible.

Component Rules

Component Rules

A new Design Technology category enables you to define rules that are used by Component Areas. Once an area is drawn, named and given a layer, it can be given a set of rules that control how it behaves. For example, a rule can say whether Components are keep in or keep out. Matching criteria can be based on many design facets; Reference Name, Component Name, Group, Sheet and an explicit Value name. Once the match criteria has been defined, the match name can then include explicit names or wildcard names.

Component Areas

Component areas can be created in your design and provide a new representation that can be used for different rules. Not only can they now be used for Component Rules but they can also be used as Component Height and Routing areas.

Online Design Rule Check for Component Areas

With the power of Component Rules, the Online DRC option has been enhanced so that during placement of components and during track editing, checking is fully enabled and all rules adhered to. Violations are presented in real time with options to override or continue the operation.

No Connect Points

No Connect Points

In both the Schematic and PCB editors a new check for No Connect pins can be defined, this will be used during Online DRC and during Design Rule Checking. In both the Schematic and PCB editors a new check can be defined that will be used during Design Rule Checking for No Connect pins. The check will prevent pins being connected to nets. The No Connect value can be assigned locally to a component pin in your design or as a pin property within the Component Editor for the component definition.

Checked at all stages

With the No Connect pin defined, as well as batch and Online DRC, this pin status is also checked during Translate to PCB and the Integrity Check option. Pins in error explicitly reported. The Properties dialog for a selected pin will show you the No Connect status. The Colours dialog enables the No Connect pin to be displayed using a unique colour to make these pins obvious.

New Design Wizards (SCM and PCB)

New Design Wizards

Starting a new design is now even easier using the Schematic and PCB Design Wizards. These guide you through each element required to get you started as fast as possible. You can add as much or as little detail as you need to. Whether you start with fully populated company standard Technology file and drawing blanks or whether you want to just create a new design with the minimum amount of information, the choice is yours.

New PCB Designs

The New PCB Design Wizard can also bring in additional physical attributes, such as Layers and manufacturing structures like Powerplanes, Solder Resist or Paste Masks. These can be constructed using simple selections within the dialog to create comprehensive layer stacks.

Intelligent Gerber Import Enhancements

Intelligent Gerber Import Enhancements

Users of the Intelligent Gerber Import option will be delighted to see that significant improvements have been made to this feature.

Drag and Drop

You can now take Gerber, Excellon or BOM files and drag them from your desktop or Windows Explorer and drop them onto the Intelligent Gerber Import dialog. This will operate the same as if you had used the Add button on the dialog but is obviously much quicker.

New Dialog Navigation Buttons

New buttons to aid the navigation and overall operation of the Intelligent Gerber Import option smoother. The Auto Save option saves your current settings and remembers the status of the dialog for use next time. Additional information once the files are chosen confirm selection, display of items like Units and precision are shown.

Improved Layer Name Matching

During import, improved intelligence provides better name matching and mapping of Gerber files against Layers in design, such as Silkscreen, Resist, etc.

Additional V23 Features

  • Swap components

  • Add to Net on Pour Area

  • Rename Component Mode

  • Pour Copper adds DRC Error Markers

  • Enhanced Create Fanout Pattern Option

  • Edit Package in Library

  • Add Track Action on Cancel

  • Auto-place Using Rules

  • Height Check Areas Renamed to Component Areas

  • Move Net Name Highlights Net (SCM)

  • Auto-load Job File in Plotting

  • Display Net Name on Component Select (SCM)

  • Display Grid in Previews

  • Export and import of Configuration Files

  • Make Cutouts From Shapes Feature

  • Highlight Net Interactive Mode

  • Add Track or Shape Off-grid

  • Add Text Choose Style and Alignment

  • Resizable Dialogs

  • Save to Library Displays Information About Duplicates

  • Refresh symbol in Component Editor

  • Open Hyperlink in Properties

  • New Warnings Page in Preferences

  • Single shot Cross Probe

  • Fully Supported under Windows 10 [32 & 64 bit]

  • Benefit from our FREE technical support service

  • Support through a manned phone & email


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