Technical Support
If you need technical assistance with any of our products, you can reach our technical support staff at 740-596-1023, or via email at or Our technical support desk is open between 9:00am and 6:00pm EST Monday to Friday. If you find the phone is busy or a voicemail is requested, please leave a message or send an email and someone will call you back.

Updates are available free to registered users within the 1 month free update warranty period. Outside that period (which starts at the date of invoice), a nominal fee will be charged to enable you to get the latest version of the product and continued support. We are unable to issue bug fixes on any version other than the current release version. In order for this to work successfully, it is essential that any problems are reported to us before your warranty period has expired. Please check our latest product versions for the latest release information. Alternatively you can download a software patch directly from our download library to get up to date with the latest revision. Users without a web connection will need to apply to Number One Systems for the update. Go to this website to check for updates:

Upgrades from any of our DOS products to a Windows version are available from Ohio Automation, please contact us for more information. For existing Easy-PC For Windows users who have a pin limited variant, you can upgrade to one of the other variants for the difference in list price at any time.


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